Amin Ertebat Khuzestan Company was established in 1997 with the reliance and assistance of the Supreme Bar portal with the cooperation of a group of experienced experts in telecommunications and electronics and after gaining valuable experiences in the public and private sectors to participate in various telecommunication and electronics projects.
The growing needs of the country for communication as well as its comprehensive development in recent years and the policy of the Government of the Islamic Republic of Iran to transfer work to the private sector have led us to use specialized, experienced personnel as well as various non-governmental facilities. Take small steps in line with government goals.
This company is proud to fulfill its obligations in the field of radio projects with the aim of improving the quality of communications, providing technical and engineering services and desirable products using the latest technology, with honesty and confidence in order to maintain the security of communication, economic and geographical borders of our dear country. , Is a telecommunications and electronics industry and also this company is proud to cooperate and provide services with reputable companies such as Motorola, Icom, SEPURA and Hytera during the last two decades.​​​​​​​